THE STAYCATIONERS: W New York – Times Square (NYFW)

If you know us by now, you know we’re allergic to touristy areas, however there are occasional instances in which we’re tickled to make exceptions. In the latest edition of “How to Make Times Square Chic,” THE STAYCATIONERS shacked up at the W Hotel in the throes of this past NYFW as an oasis to our fashion fam — call us a bad influence, but inevitably, their “break between shows” became a full-blown off-the-grid staycay with all the usual bells and whistles. What can we say? Staycay > runway.

THE SPOT: W New York – Times Square | 1567 Broadway (at 47th Street), New York, NY

THE STATS: 509 rooms/43 suites, two standout restaurants (the crème de la crème of the neighborhood), one bomb lobby bar, views for days

PERFECT FOR: Finding peace within the Midtown madness, a metaphor for Fashion Week

THE STAYCATIONERS awoke all snuggled in their 56th-floor beds and promptly texted their fashion friends with address and room number as an offer of respite should the day call for a mental health break. (After 50+ iterations of our craft, it’s safe to say we’ve become experts). Within hours, as if by a wave of a wand, an entire squad rolled through…one thing led to another and it turned into a full-blown staycation after a healthy round of playing dress-up with lewks from Rebecca Minkoff, Marskinryyppy, and Magama. Hot tip: if you say “bed and bubbly” three times into a mirror, all of your friends will magically appear. Cue the Anna de Cordoníu Blanc de Blancs (and the Perrier and the Morning Recovery for obvious reasons).

As if there hadn’t been enough bubbly en suite, THE STAYCATIONERS decided it was time for something a bit stiffer down on the 7th floor at the Library Bar. Is that a cocoon banquette? See ya never.


Any good staycation should segue into bedtime with tacos. Enough said. Thanks, Dos Caminos!

Keep up with THE STAYCATIONERS as they take over new hotels in new cities each month. This installment made possible by W Hotels, Dos Caminos, Rebecca Minkoff, Magama, Marskinryyppy, Anna de Cordoníu, Perrier, and Morning Recovery.

Special thanks to our lovely guest staycationers Kylee Campbell, Shanika Hillocks, Alexandra Machover, and Cat Corcoran

Photography by Ciara Perrone for THE STAYCATIONERS (check her out on Instagram!)

Produced and written by Céline Bossart

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