Tea for ten and ten for tea: our new motto, thanks to SoHo’s Crosby Street Hotel in all its English charm and glory. THE STAYCATIONERS checked in Tablet Plus-style with a bigger entourage than ever before for a food (and booze)-infused staycay, tequila and matching PJs in tow. Right this way.

20160625_CrosbyStHotel_1274 copyImage courtesy of Tory Rust

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THE SPOT: Crosby Street Hotel | 79 Crosby Street between Spring and Prince Streets

THE STATS: 11 floors, 86 rooms, one restaurant, two sprawling garden/courtyard situations, a cozy lobby library, and a chic cinema (naturally), all designed by Kit Kemp

PERFECT FOR: A Downton-Abbey-meets-Coed-Spice-Girls-inspired staycay

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After a proper pampering sesh with the best (Laicale and Jenn Dockendorf), the girls headed down to the courtyard to join their male counterparts for a sunny afternoon tea spread, dressed to the nines in Timo Weiland and Tictail specs. Nothing like a garden tea party with Kate the Wasp, Sara Zion of V Magazine, What I’m Holding (he whose identity shall not be revealed), David Barrett Graver of Coolhunting, Molly Tavoletti, Gillie Houston, Jeremy Jacobowitz of Brunch Boys, and of course, your faithful resident staycationers (Cyndi Ramirez and little old me, the omniscient narrator).

20160625_CrosbyStHotel_0020 copy

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20160625_CrosbyStHotel_0066 copy

20160625_CrosbyStHotel_0076 copy

20160625_CrosbyStHotel_0117 copy

20160625_CrosbyStHotel_0139 copy

20160625_CrosbyStHotel_0187 copy

20160625_CrosbyStHotel_0164 copyImages courtesy of Tory Rust

Screen Shot 2016-07-18 at 8.08.47 PM

With the last drops of champagne polished off and the final finger sandwich snatched, THE STAYCATIONERS filed into the library for a spot of spiked tea. Avión Reserva 44 or bust.

20160625_CrosbyStHotel_0418 copy

20160625_CrosbyStHotel_0321 copy

20160625_CrosbyStHotel_0386 copy

20160625_CrosbyStHotel_0429 copy

20160625_CrosbyStHotel_0525 copyImages courtesy of Tory Rust

Screen Shot 2016-07-18 at 8.08.52 PM

Cue the outfit change…but not before sneaking up to the rooftop for garden frolicking amidst a sea of skyscrapers. As if the Crosby Street Hotel could get any quainter, THE STAYCATIONERS discovered a chicken coop whose homegrown eggs are collected for the restaurant downstairs. Farm-to-table has met its match.

20160625_CrosbyStHotel_0636 copy

20160625_CrosbyStHotel_0734 copy

20160625_CrosbyStHotel_0838 copy

Screen Shot 2016-07-18 at 8.08.57 PM

After settling into their Sleepy Jones PJs, THE STAYCATIONERS grabbed a slice to refuel for some good old-fashioned quality squad time in the comfort of a fifth-floor suite. Glasses were clinked, selfies were snapped, and snuggles with the official STAYCATIONERS mascot were had. You know where to find us.

20160625_CrosbyStHotel_1303 copy

20160625_CrosbyStHotel_1441 copy

20160625_CrosbyStHotel_1430 copy

20160625_CrosbyStHotel_1459 copy



20160625_CrosbyStHotel_1344 copy

20160625_CrosbyStHotel_1204 copy

In closing, do yourself a favor and join Tablet Plus for any and all future bookings, whether staycationing or vacationing (we don’t discriminate). It’s the perfect way to kick any stay up a notch with varying degrees of VIP treatment that easily make up for the membership cost after one or two stays. Trust us on this one. We’re pros, after all.

Keep up with THE STAYCATIONERS as they take over a new hotel each month. This round made possible by Avión Reserva, Tablet Hotels, Laicale, Jenn Dockendorf, Sleepy Jones, Timo Weiland, Tictail, Baker’s Pizza, and of course, Crosby Street Hotel. Photography by Tory Rust for THE STAYCATIONERS.

And last but not least, huge thanks to our guest staycationers for making this one extra special.

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