City grit meets old school glam in this former abandoned building, resurrected by hôtelier masterminds Sean MacPherson, Ira Drukier, and Richard Born. Enter the atrium lobby with its distressed limestone fireplace, rich fixtures, and crowd of young professionals perpetually perched on vintage cowhide chairs peppered throughout. This is a gathering place for the creatively inclined, the world’s discerning traveler (and staycationer) with a penchant for design…and the sheer personality that a true boutique hotel exudes.

Photo cred: Daniel Racz
Photo cred: Daniel Racz

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THE SPOT: The Ludlow | 180 Ludlow Street

THE STATS: 175 rooms with one glorious penthouse, fitness center, courtyard (guests only), one badass restaurant, and a damn good lobby bar.

PERFECT FOR: An off-the-grid staycay for the city savvy.


Photo cred: Daniel Racz
Photo cred: Daniel Racz


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Nothing perpetuates our #babesinbathrobes tradition quite like a collection of luxurious threads courtesy of Vestment. The line, inspired by ceremonial garments and meant for wear both indoors and out, plays with bold patterns and pushes the boundaries of your run-of-the-mill bathrobe.

THE STAYCATIONERS snuggled up in their Maison Martin Margiela sheets, Rekorderlig in hand – a staycation tradition reinvigorated on a seasonal basis with the ever-rotating limited edition ciders that’ll captivate any palate. Hear that? Yeah, that’s the sound of spiced apple candy bubbles in a tempered glass mug just waiting to dance in THE STAYCATIONERS’ mouths.


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Carbone, Torrisi, and Zalaznick have done it again with Dirty French, the hotel’s Gallic cornerstone slash destination for guests and Manhattan foodies alike. Brunch consists of hearty takes on French favorites, anchoring both ends of the sweet-and-savory spectrum and not disappointing with all that’s in between. Get the duck hash. You’re welcome.


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Staycations and on-demand beauty are synonymous as far as we’re concerned. Vensette hooked it up with the crème de la crème of their artist arsenal, taking our staycationettes to new levels of babeliness — the icing on the cake (cake cake cake) for the gals’ night out. And by “night out,” we mean a torrid affair with cozy loungewear and the strongest of will in leaving it behind for an alluring cocktail or five.


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THE STAYCATIONERS live life on the edge, and lip color is no exception. The gals loaded on the lacquer in the form of Winky Lux’s brand new collection of babealicious lip velours, made in the good old US of A.

On Cyndi: Dirty Love (outer), City (inner)

On Céline: Smokeshow (outer), Voodoo (inner)

On Lauren: Dirty Love (outer), City (inner)

On Alyssa: Latte


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Considering THE STAYCATIONERS were still stuffed from brunch, and also happen to be excellent planners, a light (and ridiculously healthy) dinner was in order before the big night out. Chilled organic vegan soup, anyone? Splendid Spoon is pioneering the soup cleanse movement, fueling healthy eating habits with nutrient-dense drinkable soups in the snazziest bottles ever. Design your own cleanse at Editor’s note: best when sipped in bed.

Photo cred: Daniel Racz


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What’s 13 blocks due north and sexy all over? Why, The Garret East, of course. Nothing like a nice little after-dinner romp in the East Village’s newest haunt, sister to its West Side predecessor. Mmhm, that one above the Five Guys. If whitewashed brick, retro touches, Bradley Theodore, and a silky-smooth egg white cocktail are your cup of tea, then this is your place. Throw on some of your finest Whit to dress the part.


Screen Shot 2015-11-25 at 10.32.08 AM

Where killer craft cocktails are involved, a good solid means of phone protection is in order. You know, preventive measures. The gang’s current obsession with ADOPTED cases is a healthy one, and aesthetically pleasing at that. Grab one at Barneys or your local ADOPTED website.


Photo cred: Daniel Racz

And that’s a wrap, folks.

Keep up with THE STAYCATIONERS as they take over a new hotel each month. This round made possible by Rekorderlig, Vensette, Splendid Spoon, Winky Lux, Whit, Vestment, and of course, the Ludlow Hotel.

Photography by Daniel Racz for THE STAYCATIONERS. Special shoutout to Alyssa Coscarelli and Lauren Caruso, our guest staycationers for the evening and just generally dope girls.

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