THE STAYCATIONERS: How to Make the Most of FiDi, Italian-Style (Special Edition ft. Gild Hall)

In New York, it’s hard to find a place beloved by both locals and tourists alike. Unsurprisingly, with its artisanal dining stations, premium produce, and conveniently central rooftop bar, Eataly Flatiron manages to beautifully bridge that gap…so, when the team at Gild Hall invited THE STAYCATIONERS to an “Italian Summer” themed stay (starting off with a tour of Eataly’s brand new downtown location) it was an obvious, “sì, grazie!” Now that we’re headed face-first into the depths of imminent wintry despair, we’re here to show you how to channel your inner coastal Italophile all year round.

Follow the smells of freshly baked bread to the top floor of lower Manhattan’s Westfield Mall and you’ll hit Mario Batali’s latest and greatest: Eataly Downtown. With a seasonal trattoria, walls lined floor to ceiling with every olive oil variant you can imagine, and daily cooking classes and demonstrations,  Eataly Downtown is a foodie dreamland like no other (except its sister locations around the world, but you know what we mean).

Take a stroll through the space and soak up the surroundings until you feel a hunger pang, which shouldn’t take long given the stimuli. You’ll want to wine and dine ASAP at the cooked-to-order ravioli counter, I RAVIOLI for obvious reasons: rosé on tap and prosciutto-stuffed pasta, just to name a few.


Following a few scoops of gelato to cleanse the palate (or a massive cheese plate depending on what tickles your fancy), head to FiDi’s Gild Hall for an aperitivo that would make any Venetian proud. Because nothing says Italian Summer more than an Aperol Spritz…

Don’t fill up on aperitivo (or do; nobody will judge you). Do save at least some room for dinner at Felice Ristorante regardless. Negronis chilled with Campari ice cubes and a heaping family-style dinner await. From the Tuscan kale burrata to the tagliatelle alla bolognese, every dish is thoughtfully composed and presented by the impeccable staff to be graciously devoured by all.

A quick nightcap at the hotel bar is the perfect last stop before retiring to the Thompson Suite. But if you thought the decadent dining was done, you thought wrong. After a dreamy night’s rest, it’s back downstairs for a savory breakfast to start the day. No good Italian host would let you leave without eating, you know.

Special thanks to Gild Hall, Eataly Downtown, and the entire team at Thompson Hotels for inspiring this gastronomic staycay adventure.

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