If walls could talk, this historically-significant hotel would reminisce about the days that Frank Sinatra walked its hallways, the nights that Elizabeth Taylor lounged on its beds, and the times Marilyn Monroe fixed her iconic lipstick in its powder room. But, alas, the walls are good at keeping secrets. The STAYCATIONERS, however, always slay and tell—and there’s plenty to divulge about the Ambassador Chicago. To pay homage to the beauty of the times that once were, the hotel kept the original crown moldings and vaulted ceilings from its early nineteenth-century beginnings. The past harmoniously mixes with the present by creating a coolly juxtaposed backdrop for ultra-modern furnishings and rotating contemporary art installations — a timeless blast from the past that THE STAYCATIONERS can get behind.

THE SPOT: The Ambassador | 1301 North State Parkway, Chicago

THE STATS: 285 spacious guest rooms, 24-hour fitness center, upscale restaurant, trendy bar, amenities curated by local artisans and chefs.

PERFECT FOR: A nightcap in the place where legends once frequented when looking to satisfy their senses.

Oh, you don’t typically wear highlighter for breakfast in bed? Can’t relate. When Stylisted comes a-knocking with hair and makeup stylists galore, the STAYCATIONERS are ready to answer morning, noon, or night. And while we’re up  getting the door for them, we’re happy to let the cart full of pancakes in as well…

Les femmes de chambre in their robes de chambre, sipping on Figenza Vodka. Life’s good, n’est ce pas? And life gets even better post-mixing our Mediterranean Mules: similar to the mule you’re already familiar with, a delicious concoction of lime juice, ginger beer, and vodka—but taken up a notch with Figenza. We were going to keep it our little secret, but figured it’d be cruel not to share.

The Ambassador has had its fair share of larger-than-life guests staying inside its fabulous abode, so the STAYCATIONERS had some big over-the-knee boots to fill. We made sure to grace the hotel with so much style that our chic selves would live on, even upon check-out.


A special thanks to the Ambassador Chicago and Figenza Vodka for making this round possible, and a round of applause to guest staycationers Yasia Cherevyk and Maria Unwala.

Outfits by Revolving Curation, Half-Mad, I.AM.GIA, and stylist Elizabeth Margulis of Big Hair Big City; hair and makeup by Amber Leaks and Mollie Jakubowski of Stylisted.

Photography by Sam Grant for THE STAYCATIONERS. Follow him on Instagram here.

Written and produced by Staycationer-at-Large Nika Sagalchik.

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