Kelsey Panicco

This 6ft lady of luxury may seem like a tall glass of glamour, but she’s truly here to empower you to channel your self-wealth. She has a heart of gold and a taste for the *finer things*. By day, Kelsey is a social media strategist at RVD Communications, and by weekend, well, we’ll let you take that wild guess. Kelsey has been with THE STAYCATIONERS since January 2017.


Cat Corcoran

Storytelling. Sarcasm. Selena (Quintanilla, duh.)

Creative Strategy @thisismission by day, classic downtown debauchery by night.

Shanika Hillocks

Shanika Hillocks is a NYC-based content strategist and freelance writer specializing in the food, wine & spirits spaces. A public relations professional by trade, she has conceptualized influencer programs, produced social media campaigns, executed events, secured placements in top media outlets, and developed personal relationships with luminaries across the food, wine & spirits, travel, and lifestyle spaces.

You can find Shanika about the city streets, enjoying a bite or cocktail, over on Instagram, or occasionally, in front of a camera modeling for campaigns and projects that speak to a larger cultural message.


Nika Sagalchik

Nika Sagalchik is an advertising copywriter and writer writer based in New York City. On the side, she is a professional winer, diner, and avid traveler. You can typically find her reading a spy novel with a northern Italian red wine in hand.

Céline Bossart

Céline Bossart is a New York-based freelance wine, spirits, and travel journalist. Her photography and written works have been published in the likes of Billboard, ELLE Décor, Harper’s Bazaar, USA Today, Town & Country,, Time Out New York, and more; in late 2014, she launched THE STAYCATIONERS in collaboration with Taste the Style. Today, THE STAYCATIONERS is a nationally-recognized platform for influencer-generated hotel content sought after by top-tier hotels, lifestyle brands, and readers alike.

When she’s not globetrotting or tickling the proverbial MacBook onyx ivories, Céline enjoys fighting for the equal treatment of women and minorities and sipping 50/50 gin martinis at hotel bars
(after posting them on Instagram).